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What is Tolmach


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  Russian Tzar & Tolmach Party WHAT DOES TOLMACH MEAN ?  

The name Tolmach has an interesting history.

Tolmach is an old Russian word that means interpreter. The Tolmach Service was initially set up by Czar Ivan-The-Terrible in the second half of the 15th Century at a time when Russia was beginning to establish wider relations with other countries.
The Tolmach Service was considered to be an important diplomatic post, not only because they were close to the Czar, but also because they were sent to other countries on diplomatic missions. Many of the Russian Nobles families began as a result of this Tolmach Service.
It is common knowledge in Russia that Ivan-The-Terrible, who was famous for his cruelty, often beheaded his enemies. He also beheaded many servants of the Tolmach Service that he considered negligent.
I have jokingly told many of clients that "we have not been beheaded so far."  Many people understand that the reference goes back to the practices of Ivan-The -Terrible. However, it is also true in a modern day perspective. Tolmach continues to expand and this time it is on the Internet.

Siberian Tiger WHY TIGER EYES?

When you looked at out Logo, you looked into the eyes of a Siberian Tiger. But, don't be concerned. Russian tradition holds this to be a sure sign of good luck.
Initially we are from the Russian Far East, where Siberian Tiger is a very respected animal and has never been considered a threat. It is much different than the Indian Tiger who is know to be a man-eater.
There almost seems to be a 'peace treaty' between man and Siberian Tiger. We have never seen a report of a Tiger attacking a human. And, yes, there are many tigers in the Russian Far East. Native people tradition holds that the Siberian Tiger (Amba) is a God of the Siberian Woods (Taiga), and that looking into his eyes brings Good Luck!
Usually, when a hunter meets a tiger in the woods he just stops and looks into the eyes of the tiger. There are many reports of young tigers playing around the hunters.
Yet, Dogs and the Siberian Tiger are mortal enemies. Perhaps it is an eternal Feline revenge for past Canine persecutions. Often, Tigers enter the cities while chasing dogs. In Vladivostok a tiger family took up residence in the city park. There were no reports of 'bad relations' between people and the tiger during their short stay there. There have also been many reports that wounded tigers have come to peoples homes looking for help. while these may seem like strange stories, they are true.

I hope that looking into the eyes of the tiger will bring good luck to you and your business.

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